At IGSG, we pride on having best practices our clients emulate for their own lean system operations.

We believe that each delivery is a learning opportunity so we stay close to our clients and constantly engage in value seeking conversations, from transportation networks to cross border solutions, in order to guarantee an operation that does not stop and works at its peak.

Technology and Innovation at IGSG

Taking on the original concept of the War Room, a go-to place where experts meet to get a panoramic, real-time scope on any operation, IGSG has developed a comprehensive IT solution for the logistics challenges of today.

The War Room provides the visibility and control necessary to close the gap between delivery systems and integrated networks.

Knowledge Access

A real-time dashboard with all you need to know about each load in an instant.

Easier Decision-Making

Customized reports and notifications to provide your pick of raw information or a detailed performance analysis for each operation on any timeframe.

Peace of Mind

An option to eliminate tracking from your to-do list. We offer proactive SOPs that alert when a load needs troubleshooting.